Why a Custom App?

Surgeons and their staff spend far too much time telling patients the same information about where to go, when to get there, what to wear, what to bring, and not to eat. Yet our staff still answers dozens of calls every day for the same pre-op and post op questions. And patients still show up at the wrong place at the wrong time. ORs get delayed. Patients and staff are frustrated. Let the negative online reviews begin.

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A custom app for each patient includes specific information about their operation, surgeon, and hospital/ASC. What to do, where to go, what to expect, even where to park. Includes a complete library of pre-op and post-op questions for each surgeon for every operation they perform.  Automated text messaging reminds sends reminders and assures use. "How did we do?" feature prevents negative reviews and makes 5-star reviews one-click away.

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How it Works

Your surgery scheduler simply clicks the appropriate buttons on a custom dashboard to chose patient, surgeon, operation being performed, hospital location, and arrival time. The app texts the patient to download their own custom app from the app store and that's it. Each doctor's specific information is presented in easy to use sections. Text message reminders and app features are fully automated.

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Since 1993

Improve efficiencies in the office and in the OR.

Have a happier staff and happier patients.

Surgeon's offices are full of redundancies and wasted staff time that can be eliminated with a custom app for each patient. Cut down on pre-op calls by 60% and post-op calls by 50%.

Eliminate patients showing up at the wrong time or to the wrong place leading to operating room delays, lost revenue, and increased overtime pay.

Expect dramatic increases in patient satisfaction because of specific, custom instructions about the proposed operation.

Eliminate negative online reviews and see 2-5-fold increases in 5-star reviews (a specific feature of the app).

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